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Armored Steel Product Manufacturing

Our armored steel products manufacturing deliver high-end products and services to arm and protect vihcles and places including: 

  •  Armored operations rooms
  •  Armored Guard rooms
  •  Armored robots 
  •  Armored vehicles


Mesaihan armored vehicle: 

Mesaihan is our most outstanding inventions. it was invented in 2017 and patented in 145 countries worldwide. It is the armored vehicle that we proudly mention as an example of our armored steel product manufacturing.

This vehicle features a hydraulic outrigger system and power unit. It will allow you to experience the impossible in no time with its distinctive safety system and autonomous DC Power Operated System. Mesaihan is an astonishing vehicle that includes an outrigger and extension system, stable wheels on the ground, and the most distinguished one: it takes only 15 minutes to be stabilized and lifted from the ground.



Universal Cabin

Mesaihan can carry different types of universal cabins for various purposes (fuel tank, water tank, ambulance, tank, gun, storage, vehicles, passenger cabin, and more.)

Hydraulic System

It uses the hydraulic system to load and release the universal cabin from the main chassis of the truck.

Gun Mount with Gun

Built-in gun mount facility to shoot the target, rotatable in 360 degrees.

Three Access Door

There are three access doors with a sliding ramp to access the vehicle, one from the back side and two from the left and right sides.

Armor Shield

Whole-body is covered by a removable armor shield and capable of upgrading armor shields for different conditions.


Manual Gun Shooting Provision

HP-554 upgrade up to 700

Torque 2500 NM.

Armored Steel Product Manufacturing
Armored Steel Product Manufacturing
Armored Steel Product Manufacturing

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